A Volunteer Speaks

TDL: "How did you get involved with TDL?"
"My husband and I were driving back from the Agudah Convention several years ago. As we sat discussing the various speeches my husband asked me. "What are we taking home with us?" I told him that although I was busy with young children, I felt that the time had come to get involved with an outside project that would bring chesed into our home. No sooner were the words out of my mouth, than my cell phone rang. It was a volunteer from TDL asking me if perhaps I had some time to help out with the organization. Obviously, Someone was endorsing my plan and stretching out His hand to help me!"
TDL: "Do you think that your involvement with TDL did benefit your family?"
"Absolutely! True, it can take up my time, and sometimes they get part of the mitzvah, too, holding down the fort at home if I'm exceptionally busy – but it is all part of realizing that nothing can be taken for granted. Seeing for themselves how much goes into outfitting a Kallah and how grateful the young women are, is a valuable lesson. And because TDL is so careful to maintain everyone's dignity, they learn another valuable lesson about respecting other people."
TDL: "What are some things you do, and how do you do it?"
"One of the things that I really enjoy is keeping the showroom stocked with the most current linens and towels. I go directly to the distributors to check out the latest patterns and see what's available. We discuss pricing, quality and practicality. I choose the styles that young girls would like. I generally order five sets of each pattern. I then check back with our showroom volunteers to see what's flying off the shelves, so that I can order more of the most popular styles."
TDL: "What do you enjoy most about what you do?"
"I think I speak for all volunteers when I say that there's nothing like watching a kallah and her mother come in, a bit apprehensive, a bit unsure of what to expect, and then watching the tension slowly ease. Every time I watch the anxiety give way to excitement, I'm grateful to be a part of it. I come home on a real high, still seeing that glow on the kallah's face, still sharing her happiness."