true joy in time of joy

Rejoicing with a chosson-kallah and enhancing their happiness as they set out to build a home are fundamental precepts that we, as Jews, have all internalized. Oftentimes, the two are intertwined, for as great the happiness of a young couple, financial tensions can seriously undermine the joy they should be feeling as great as this special time is. Throughout Jewish history an extra effort has always been made to ensure that each chosson and kallah walk down to the chuppah joyously.

Tiferes Devorah L'Kallah adds a new dimension to providing for a kallah's joy. While addressing her need for an array of tangible goods, TDL addresses an equally important need – her pride and self-respect. The care that TDL invests in selecting a collection of beautiful items for the home is matched only by the care they take in maintaining the family's dignity. The recipients never leave feeling like they are getting handouts. On the contrary, they are handed merchandise with feeling and thoughtfulness.

So, how exactly does TDL
accomplish this goal?

For starters TDL has set up a showroom where the Kallah can come and browse. Choosing from a beautiful array of merchandise, she ultimately "buys" the items of her choice for her new home.

From dishes to flatware, tablecloths to towels, irons to microwaves, everything (or so it seems) is for "sale" at the TDL showroom! And the prices for these items can't be matched, as each Kallah walks away with her overflow of "purchases" free of charge, courtesy of TDL and the generosity of the Lakewood community.
The TDL showroom may seem like a remarkable innovation, but what is even more remarkable is the "customer service" provided by the TDL "salespeople". Each Kallah is made to feel like a valued customer in the pleasant showroom atmosphere. Time and again, Kallahs are overheard remarking how they feel really pampered by the wonderful women "working" at the showroom. The Kallah may walk out with "purchases" for her new home, but what she really receives is the peace of mind, dignity and the ability to keep her head high as she approaches her Yom HaChupah.

TDL also has a special offer for those who are overwhelmed by the great expense of a wedding but do not wish to accept merchandise free of charge. They can purchase the items at low wholesale prices with the option of paying in installments.
tdl package
Annual Budget
kallahs serviced
50 +
$6,000 +
kallah package value