Marrying off a daughter should be a joyous time.

Unfortunately, the simcha often gets overshadowed by the huge expenses that come along with setting up a new home. The problem is a lot more widespread than most people realize - even two-income families are often overwhelmed by the costs involved in marrying off a daughter.

Wondering how much it really costs to make a wedding?

We’ve compiled the data and created a breakdown of wedding and household costs.

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Our goal at Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah is to do whatever it takes to ensure the families in our community and beyond can make weddings with both joy and dignity.

TDL alleviates the financial burden by providing many of the essentials kallahs need to start a new life in a beautiful showroom setting:






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Find out how much making a wedding costs in the TDL Wedding Expenses Guide:

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As the demand continues to grow…

...We’re running out of space to service all those in need.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the plans for our brand-new showroom and warehouse. Moving from multiple garages throughout the city to a new, spacious building will allow us to provide the ideal shopping experience that every kallah – from communities near and far – deserves.

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